Traffic Impact and Parking Studies: GHA’s Strategy for Streamlined Solutions

In the world of highway and roadway engineering, the ability to comprehensively assess traffic impact and parking studies is not just an asset—it’s a necessity. At Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc. (GHA), our in-house capabilities for conducting these critical studies provide a significant advantage, delivering streamlined, efficient, and highly effective solutions to our clients. “Conducting traffic and parking studies internally allows for a more cohesive and immediate integration of our findings into project planning,” notes Dan Brinkman, P.E., PTOE, Senior Transportation Engineer.

A Streamlined Approach to Traffic and Parking Solutions

At GHA, our traffic impact and parking studies benefit from seamless collaboration across our specialized teams. By merging the precision of our Data Collection Division and our Construction & Survey Division with the strategic insights from our Traffic Signal experts and complementing these with the practical experience of our Site Design and Municipal Services Divisions, we provide a streamlined continuation of services. This approach takes our clients from the initial study development through to the completion of plans, specifications, and estimates ready for contractor bidding. We also extend our services to include construction observation to ensure the study-recommended improvements are executed with precision. GHA offers a full-service journey, guiding our clients every step of the way to realize the necessary roadway improvements.

This focused strategy enables us to deliver cost-effective and efficient solutions for traffic impact and parking studies. Our approach transcends mere data collection, turning information into actionable strategies tailored to the specific requirements of each project. Through this cohesive use of our in-house expertise, we are adept at:

  • Evaluating how infrastructure enhancements impact traffic and parking configurations.
  • Anticipating and addressing potential challenges in traffic and parking configurations as well as the required off-site roadway network improvements to accommodate the development.
  • Offering detailed, informed advice for project planning.

Streamlining Project Progression

Managing traffic impact and parking studies internally means we minimize the potential for miscommunication and delays that can occur when coordinating with multiple external consultants. “Having everything in-house at GHA makes a difference,” says Matt Turk, P.E., Director of Transportation Services. “With our traffic and parking experts all under one roof, we can collaborate seamlessly and anticipate potential challenges early on. This accelerates projects, ensuring they move forward smoothly and within budget.”

Deep Municipal Insights

Working closely with our Municipal Services Division provides us with unparalleled insights into the requirements and expectations of the communities we serve. This internal collaboration is instrumental in shaping the way we conduct traffic impact studies, meaning that our recommendations are not only technically sound but also aligned with the regulatory frameworks and community objectives. Our role in representing several municipalities as reviewers of such studies affords us the unique advantage of examining various approaches, further enriching our understanding and expertise. The depth of our services, enriched by a variety of projects, allows us to offer solutions that anticipate and meet the nuanced needs of each municipality. “Having our traffic experts working directly with us creates a real-time understanding of community concerns and regulatory nuances. We can anticipate potential challenges early on and develop solutions that allow for smooth project progression,” adds Leo Morand, P.E., Director of Municipal Services.


Palatine Park District Family Aquatic Center Parking Lot Improvements – Palatine, IL

Comprehensive Site Design Integration

Similarly, our collaboration with the Site Design Division elevates our capacity to undertake detailed traffic impact and parking studies. These studies are integral in developing a cohesive vision for site circulation, access, and overall user experience. With experts in traffic and site design working side by side, we can conduct collaborative reviews that encompass all aspects of site functionality. This ensures that our parking solutions are practical and thoughtfully integrated into broader traffic management and site development strategies. “Conducting traffic impact and parking studies in-house means we can seamlessly blend design and functionality from the very beginning,” says Brian Wesolowski, P.E., CFM, Director of Site Design Services. “Identifying opportunities for optimization early in the process enables us to develop site designs that are more efficient and enhance the project from both a traffic and pedestrian standpoint.”


At GHA, we understand that traffic impact and parking studies are more than just numbers. We combine our technical expertise with a nuanced understanding of the real-world impact to craft solutions that are both effective and community-minded. As we continue to serve our clients and communities, our in-house advantage empowers us to tackle complex challenges and deliver transformative results that leave a lasting impact. Find out more here.