Gewalt Hamilton Associates Hosts Summer Intern Presentations


Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc. recently celebrated the conclusion of our summer internship program. As part of this special occasion, three of our talented interns were chosen to present their summer experiences at GHA in front of colleagues and team members. The presentations offered valuable insights into the daily life of an intern at GHA, sharing both professional growth and the excitement of new learning experiences.

Dominika Szal, Andy Granath, and Natalie Warren provided a comprehensive view of their summer at GHA. Dominika shared her excitement about using survey equipment for the first time, highlighting her transition from theoretical study to real-world application, and expressing how this hands-on experience strengthened her dedication to the field. Andy discussed his appreciation for GHA’s use of advanced technology, exploring specific projects and tools he had the chance to work with. His presentation demonstrated GHA’s passion for providing cutting-edge solutions that enhance our industry-leading services. Natalie began her presentation by discussing her experience learning Civil 3D. She highlighted the support and mentorship she received, emphasizing how the in-depth training resonated with her professional goals, a testament to GHA’s dedication to supporting personal and professional growth.

Colin Ewert, an intern in the Water Resources division, shared his thoughts, saying, “The behind-the-scenes work shared by my fellow interns was enlightening. It showcased the range of experiences GHA provides.” Echoing these sentiments during her presentation, Natalie stated, “Learning Civil 3D at GHA has been a rewarding challenge that I’ll carry with me in my future career.”

These presentations were more than a recap of the summer; they reflected GHA’s values. They emphasized the real-world experience that underscores GHA’s dedication to practical learning, the use of advanced technology that speaks to our passion for staying at the forefront of the industry, and the hands-on training that reflects GHA’s commitment to integrating integrity and professional development.

By hosting these presentations, GHA took the opportunity to both celebrate the interns’ accomplishments and reaffirm our dedication to providing opportunities for learning and growth. The insights and reflections shared by the interns stand as a testament to GHA’s approach, emphasizing the integrity of our methods and our dedication to developing the next generation of professionals.