GHA Staff Engagement: Amplifying Voices, Inspiring Change

At GHA, we prioritize staff participation across our various committees, recognizing it as a crucial element in our operational success. This emphasis on active involvement facilitates a platform where individuals can freely share their ideas and perspectives in areas that resonate most with them. By valuing and integrating these insights, we not only foster a culture of inclusivity and collaboration but also ensure that our strategies and initiatives are shaped by the diverse and passionate expertise of our team. This approach reflects our commitment to continuous improvement and innovative solutions, always moving forward with the collective wisdom of our dedicated staff.

GHA Philanthropy Committee
Giving back to our community has always been important to the founders as well as the current owners of GHA. Consequently, a primary objective for the Philanthropy Committee is to develop philanthropic activities that align with GHA’s mission, vision, and core values. Events in our community provide opportunities to positively impact our GHA team members as well as the local community, communities in need, and the environment. Committee members are ambassadors for GHA within the community. They evaluate charities, develop fundraising plans, and recommend philanthropic activities to maximize GHA’s potential to raise and donate funds and/or manpower to important causes.

GHA Emerging Professionals Network (EPN)
The Emerging Professionals Network (EPN) is a premier group at GHA that brings together employees who are in the early stages of their careers, providing a supportive platform for professional and personal growth. Our aim is to expand your network, foster connections with colleagues from different departments, and facilitate open communication with experienced staff members. Through our inclusive community, you’ll have access to valuable resources, mentorship opportunities, and a vibrant network of professionals passionate about civil engineering.

ESOP Advisory Council
The GHA Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Advisory Council serves as a vital force in promoting a culture of ownership, engagement, and advancement among GHA’s employee-owners. Composed of ten representatives from different divisions, the council embodies GHA’s unified commitment to its workforce. Serving as a liaison between the Board of Directors and employee-owners, the council ensures that their collective interests and perspectives are effectively conveyed to the company’s leadership. The council was established to augment GHA’s core values and mission focusing on transparent communication, education, and special event coordination. By representing the collective interests of GHA’s employee-owners, the council reinforces the integrity of our ownership structure and furthers our shared vision for the company’s future.

GHA Health & Wellness Committee
The Health and Wellness Committee promotes physical and mental wellness to help GHA employee-owners be more aware and motivated to increase their own well-being and others potentially as well. This Committee evaluates the current health and wellness programs, services and policies that are available at GHA and assessing employee-owner needs and preferences. The health-promoting operating plan provides activities for employees that will increase awareness on various health topics (i.e., healthy eating, exercise, relaxation methods). They will also provide activities that will help build skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle such as fitness classes, fitness challenges, cooking classes, and more.

GHA Social Committee
The Social Committee functions to improve the social environment in and around the office(s), encourage collaborative action, and help create a sense of togetherness amongst our employee-owners. The Social Committee is generally responsible for evaluating, coordinating, and implementing creative events employee-owners will enjoy as well as promoting these events through various media in the office. Some events include: Backyard Bags & Bocce, GHA’s Annual Family Picnic, GHA Wiffle Ball Tournament, Annual Cub’s vs. Brewers game, GHA Paint Night with Co-Owners, and GHA Annual Holiday Party.

Technology Development Initiative Committee

The Technology Development Initiative Committee at GHA is dedicated to not only providing comprehensive technical training but also fostering the overall development of employees. They offer a variety of courses and resources to enhance employees’ skills and knowledge, covering topics ranging from Microsoft Office tips to extensive CAD training for new employees. As part of their commitment to professional growth, the committee organizes an annual training event for project managers, where experienced professionals within our company share valuable insights and expertise. By promoting skill development, personal growth, and professional excellence, the committee plays a pivotal role in shaping the continuous development of GHA’s employees.

CAD Group
The CAD Group at GHA is a dedicated team that strives to enhance our CAD standards and optimize efficiency. They work diligently to review and revise the CAD standards manual, update templates, and develop procedures based on valuable input from divisions. The group actively promotes collaboration and growth through open communication and training sessions. Every procedure is meticulously tested before implementation, ensuring seamless integration. By actively bringing forth and implementing division topics and goals, the CAD Group drives continuous improvement. Their expertise and collaborative approach make them an invaluable asset, supporting GHA’s commitment to excellence in CAD services.

GHA Employee Recognition Committee
The Employee Recognition Committee discusses, analyzes, evaluates, and initiates ways for GHA to positively recognize employees for years of service, exemplary achievements, or a noteworthy performance. The Employee Recognition Committee’s responsibilities generally include such things as creating employee tenure lists, coordinating annual Years of Service luncheon, content development, management, and updates for the office video monitor, and development of staff milestone recognition content for social media outlets. The Committee will also establish, manage, and coordinate activities related to acknowledgements, achievements, rewards, thank yous, etc. for staff recognition.

Leadership Development Committee 
The Leadership Development Committee at GHA is committed to fostering professional growth through comprehensive training programs. Throughout the year, the committee facilitates engaging group discussions and learning opportunities on different aspects of leadership, including time management, communication, business development, and conflict resolution. These sessions are open to individuals with a dedication to developing their leadership skills and nurturing their personal and professional growth. At GHA, we believe that investing in leadership development is key to driving success and making a positive impact in our industry and beyond.


La’Citia Johnson
Senior Human Resources Manager

Hannah Domanski

HR Generalist