Water Operations is a crucial service that many people don’t spend much time thinking about. With so much riding on the accuracy and level of detailed attention, it is urgent that Operators adhere to industry standards and best-practices that yield dependable results and documentation.

GHA boasts a highly experienced staff with over 80 years of experience, operators, staff members with notable supervisory and management skills developed throughout their careers.
We have the ability to operate water systems, from potable water treatment facilities, pump stations, and SCADA. We have a full understanding of the value in preventive maintenance programs and the ability to respond efficiently to emergencies.

We are a process-driven organization because reliability depends on procedures and processes that enable running highly efficient programs. These are performed through Standard Operational Procedures designed to meet the client’s needs and follow the strict guidelines put in place by regulatory agencies. Our Water Operations processes have been developed to provide our clients with predictable, documentable performance on every assignment

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Director of Facilities and Utilities Management