Traffic and parking studies are integral to the success of every transportation system. 

Traffic and parking impacts can be a major source of contention within any community and can raise additional costs for developments. Gewalt Hamilton has returned successful results on projects ranging from small commercial outlots to mixed-use developments spanning hundreds of acres.  And with the ability to explain technical issues in “plain English” and comprehend the political environment, we are an invaluable asset to our clients’ community relations. Our understanding of access regulations, required improvements and our unmatched experience with municipal staff, owners, attorneys, developers and reviewing agencies expedites your project approval. 

We provide a wide variety of key services:

  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Traffic Signal Warrant Studies
  • Neighborhood Traffic Studies
  • Parking Supply and Demand Studies
  • Functional Parking Layout
  • Traffic Modeling/SYNCHRO

  • Safety Studies
  • Traffic Data Collection
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Assistance and Presentation at Public Meetings and Hearings
  • Drive-Time Studies
  • Engineering Specialty Reports for Eminent Domain Litigation

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Dan Brinkman, P.E., PTOE
Senior Transportation Engineer