GHA: Transforming Traffic Data Collection Nationwide

Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc.’s Traffic Data Collection Division is always on the move, providing first-rate services to clients across the United States. With the establishment of our branch in Lenexa, Kansas, GHA’s commitment to process-driven reliability reaches new heights. This strategic expansion not only enhances our capacity to handle projects of any scale swiftly and efficiently but also streamlines the deployment of our data collector staff and equipment. By minimizing drive time, we achieve greater cost-effectiveness, a benefit we pass on to our clients by delivering exceptional services at an optimized cost.

Red truck from the GHA Traffic Data Collection division
Jarett Giesey – Traffic Data Collection Project Manager

“From the Appalachians to the Rocky Mountains, we’ve proudly served clients across a vast geographical range,” shares Jarett Giesey, Data Collection Project Manager. “Our branch in Lenexa, Kansas is a testament to our commitment to growth and broadening our reach across the nation.”

-Jarett Giesey, Traffic Data Collection Project Manager


We’re proud of our impact on transformative projects across the country. For the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), we’re tasked with data collection on an ‘as-needed’ basis for the monitoring and evaluation of 36,000 miles of federal-aid roads in Michigan, with additional reporting requirements for the 83,000 miles of non-federal aid roads. This includes uploading the collected data to MDOT’s Traffic Data Management System (TDMS) for quality and reasonableness evaluation.


In Illinois, our team was selected by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) for the collection of 24-hour Passive Magnetic Sensor (PMS) counts, spanning the Mississippi River to the Indiana state line, and from the Wisconsin state line to the area surrounding Peoria. We’re honored to be selected once again by IDOT for the 2022-2023 contract, encompassing more than 8,000 locations and various count types. Since 2005, we have completed more than 37,000 24-hour volume and vehicle length counts. In the past six years alone, we have collected more than 7,500 counts within the City of Chicago.

At GHA, we deploy cutting-edge technology, including Miovision to deliver a broad spectrum of data collection services, including:

      • Turning Movement Counts
      • Volume / Classification Counts
      • Speed / Congestion Studies
      • Origin – Destination / Travel Time Studies
      • Parking Counts

Our reputation as a leading company in the practical application of technology is driven by our passion for innovation. To enhance the value we provide our clients, we offer online requests for traffic counts and stand as one of the first data collection firms to supplement collected data with GPS data. This fusion results in more comprehensive analysis capabilities for our clients.

Our team of dedicated data collectors and technicians work relentlessly to ensure worry-free data collection. We take pride in our ability to collect data accurately and efficiently, allowing our clients to focus on achieving their primary business goals.

Join us as we continue to innovate in the world of data collection.

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Jarett Giesey
Data Collection Project Manager