GHA: Expertise and Innovation in Roadway and Highway Engineering

The Transportation Services Division at Gewalt Hamilton Associates is dedicated to delivering comprehensive roadway and highway engineering solutions tailored to the needs of our clients’ projects. Our team is committed to ensuring that the projects entrusted to us are not just successful, but exemplary. We understand that transportation is the backbone of any thriving community, and we are here to ensure that this critical infrastructure is designed, managed, and maintained with the highest standards of excellence.


The focus of our operations is on establishing effective community partnerships. Serving as an extension of our clients, we prioritize the precise and careful execution of each project. Our comprehensive approach includes timely submittals, permit acquisition, and project oversight. We provide clients with the assurance that all project aspects are being managed with a high degree of professionalism and attention to detail.

Village of Long Grove - Krueger Road Improvements


As partners in community development, our key responsibility is to enable clients to make well-informed decisions. We employ a variety of visualization techniques, including engineering drawings, digital renderings, and detailed exhibits, to enable clients to make well-informed decisions. These tools serve to clarify the advantages and disadvantages of different project options, thereby facilitating a more comprehensive understanding of potential outcomes. These visualizations often come with recommended courses of action, providing a complete set of data for effective decision-making. This approach ensures that clients wil fully equipped with the necessary information for the successful execution of their projects.

Fox Lake - Nippersink Boulevard Improvements
Matt Turk, P.E., Director of Transportation Services

“Our goal is to simplify the process for our clients. We handle the complexities so you can focus on making informed decisions for your community. We’re not just focusing on the present; we’re committed to future-ready, innovative solutions.”

-Matt Turk, P.E., Director of Transportation Services


The caliber of services provided is directly linked to the expertise and capabilities of our team. To maintain a high level of service, we allocate resources for continuous staff development, including specialized training programs and workflow optimization strategies. We use cutting-edge technologies for efficient project data management. These investments strengthen the skill set of our team, enabling them to consistently improve the quality of our transportation engineering services. This approach not only elevates the effectiveness of our team but also ensures client satisfaction through the delivery of high-quality solutions.


  • Phase I Engineering Studies
  • Phase II Engineering Design
  • Intersection Design Studies (IDS)
  • Traffic Signal and Interconnect Design and Monitoring
  • Utility Coordination
  • Construction Staging and Maintenance of Traffic Plans
  • Streetscape Design
  • Street Lighting Design
  • Plans, Specifications and Estimates (PS&E)
  • Permit Coordination