Village Engineering, Municipal Engineer

Since our founding, we have focused on serving municipalities as village/city engineers.

Coupled with our extensive and varied design experience, our municipal engineering duties provide us with a comprehensive background in engineering design and review. We maintain strong working relationships with elected boards, staff and administrators in the communities we represent. Our long tenure and insight into sensitive community issues allows us to offer independent recommendations on controversial projects in addition to our daily support services.

We offer:

  • Motor Fuel Tax Projects
  • Capital Improvement Projects and Planning
  • Public Meeting Presentations
  • Project Open House Information Sessions
  • Public Works Operations
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Planning and Zoning Consultation
  • Easement and Plat Preparation and Review
  • Project Bidding / Contract Administration
  • Permitting
  • Plan Review
  • Land Surveys
  • Pavement Inventory Analysis