[heading animation_iteration="1"]GIS: A Valuable Catalyst for Saving Time, Controlling Costs, and Reducing Risk[/heading]
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Leverage Elevated Awareness Throughout Your Operations Model

[/text][text animation_iteration="1"]Gewalt Hamilton can build your GIS program from the ground up. Whether you have an established GIS dataset, or a set of hand-drawn maps, GHA can build a vibrant GIS program that will become part of your everyday workflow. Many communities and facilities invest millions of dollars in infrastructure but don't have a system of tracking those assets.

Take control of your valuable assets by having all the data you need (and some you didn't know you were even possible), available with a few clicks of the mouse.[/text]

[text animation_iteration="1"]• Improve critical decision making and cut spending

• Evaluate the condition of your assets and assess values

• Improve allocation of resources and cut costs with improved decision making

• Plan future projects using advanced analytics and visualization

• Analyze demographics and human geography for business or service evaluation

• Manage natural resources

• Prepare for emergency and disaster recovery

• Produce accessible and understandable information to residents, clients, or contractors[/text]

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Contact: GREG NEWTON, GISP - Assistant Director of Data Collection - GIS Manager

Direct: 847-821-6265