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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are revolutionizing the way organizations access and analyze spatial data. At GHA, we take pride in offering comprehensive GIS services across Illinois that provide valuable insights and efficient solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Our team understands the importance of a personal approach to civil engineering, ensuring that your specific GIS requirements are met.


Among our clients, GHA collaborates closely with the Village of Orland Park to deliver comprehensive full-time GIS consulting services with a personal touch. Our dedicated GIS Professional, Greg Newton (GISP), is on-site weekly, providing seamless support. As part of our partnership, we play a crucial role in supporting the Orland Park Police Department through the Nena 911 program. By providing them with accurate and up-to-date address data, our GIS map helps direct emergency response and ensures the safety of residents in Cook County.

Our publicly accessible GIS map allows residents to conveniently explore a wide range of information, providing a personalized experience tailored to their needs. This enhanced transparency not only empowers the community, but also relieves the strain on village resources. With our expertise in GIS technology and our commitment to providing personalized solutions, GHA is dedicated to unlocking the transformative power of spatial data, allowing our clients to optimize their operations and better plan for the future.

Greg Newton, Director of GIS Services
Greg Newton – Director of Geospatial Services

Highlighting the crucial role of GIS in effectively managing and analyzing spatial data, Newton says “GIS empowers communities and institutions to leverage geospatial information for improved planning, asset management and decision-making.”

-Greg Newton, Director of Geospatial Services


While maintaining GIS services for Northwestern University, our focus lies specifically on their underground IT assets. By accurately mapping and managing these assets, we enable Northwestern to make informed decisions, improve maintenance processes, and ensure efficient resource utilization. Through our personalized GIS expertise, Northwestern streamlines operations, enhances productivity and maintains a robust IT infrastructure.

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GHA has embarked on a comprehensive project with the Village of Wheeling. This ambitious endeavor involves the investigation and management of their storm sewer system. Our team utilizes GPS technology to locate approximately 530,220 linear feet of storm sewer pipes and conducts thorough inspections of more than 10,000 storm structures. Through personal GIS data integration, we provide a comprehensive stormwater master plan to the Village, offering valuable recommendations for their storm system management. As the project progresses, we continue to perform personalized GIS data integration, enabling real time insights and updates.


At GHA, we recognize the transformative power of GIS in unlocking data driven decision making. By harnessing spatial data and employing advanced GIS techniques tailored to your needs, we empower our clients to make informed choices, optimize resource allocation, and plan for the future. With our expertise, dedication and commitment to integrity, we are committed to utilizing GIS technology to help organizations thrive in today’s dynamic world.


GIS Web/Mobile Application Development

We design customized web applications hosted on our secure server that allows you to analyze and interpret geospatial data both in the office and in the field. Using the power of ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online, we design and implement applications based on your organizational needs.

GPS Asset/Facility Location

We use the latest high precision Global Positioning System technology to collect and map assets and track and manage vehicle fleets.

Asset Mapping and Database Management

We provide cost effective innovative solutions to efficiently manage engineering design projects, utility networks, and asset databases.

CUES SPiDER Manhole/Structure Scanner

Unlock the power of GIS with GHA and experience the benefits of a personalized approach to civil engineering. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive GIS services and how we can assist you in leveraging spatial data for long-term success.

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Greg Newton, GISP
Director of Geospatial Services