Public Works departments everywhere are experiencing alarming shortages of staff that threaten continuity of operations.

GHA is providing the experienced guidance and hands-on operational support needed to ensure delivery of essential services.

For some time now, Public Works has seen a decline in young people interested in pursuing careers within the industry. As a result, there have been fewer and fewer staff that develop into leadership roles. As time progresses, the staff who carry the crucial Public Works responsibilities reach retirement, leaving the agency and these services vulnerable.It is putting extra stress on villages, cities, townships, and counties.

GHA had a unique opportunity to develop solutions to the operations gaps when Mike Grinnell joined our team. Mike was previously a well-known and respected leader with Lake County Public Works, whose vast experience could fuel insights for GHA’s many projects involving public works coordination. This experience led to our ability to provide needed assistance with Water Operations for client agencies, as well as groundbreaking advances in manhole condition assessment technology.

This new collection of services was very well-received and further developed as we attracted other well-known leaders in the Public Works arena. GHA now provides a large range of key Operations services through the formation of our Facilities and Utilities Management Division.

Some key services GHA’s Facilities and Utilities Management Division provide are:

Filling voids of staffing reduction programs with part-time water/waste operators

  • ROINC duties
  • Full or assist in daily responsibilities for wells, reservoirs, lift stations
  • Full or assist in daily responsibilities for water or sewer systems

Oversight of sewer collection systems

  • CCTV/Cleaning programs
  • Evaluation of collection systems for rehabilitation recommendation
  • Manage recommended repairs

Hydrant flushing and maintenance programs

  • Inspection
  • Flushing/Maintenance
  • Flow/pressure testing

Valve exercising and maintenace programs

  • Inspection
  • Exercising
  • Maintenance

Meter replacement projects

  • Replacement programs
  • Meter reading
  • Trouble calls with residents

Staffing shortages in retirements or replacement of staff

  • Short term for retirements/hiring delays
  • Seasonal Increase workload
  • Reduce need for staff – saving client the expense of salary, benefits, training

Guidance with capital and budgeting assistance planning

  • Review long term village goals on assets
  • Make recommendation on budget planning for water and sewer systems

Annual & long-term preventative maintenance programs

  • Develop annual, long-term, and 10-year preventive maintenance programs
  • Review and enhance existing plans
  • Capital Improvement Planning

Have Questions?

Mike Grinnell
Director of Facilities and Utilities Management