[heading animation_iteration="1"]How Many of Your Projects Hit an Unknown Conflict in the Construction Phase?[/heading][heading animation_iteration="1" type="2"]How much more did that conflict cost in redesigns? And idle contractors? You know the rest.[/heading][text_box animation_iteration="1" title="GHA has developed a cost-effective solution"]GHA's Structure Scanning Services have been developed to help solve this age-old obstacle to cost-contained projects, and risk-avoiding design. Here is an example of how this service fills an important need:[/text_box]
[box_text animation_iteration="1" icon="fa-chevron-right" title="Get the information you need!"]- How GHA's Structure Scanning Services fit into your existing budgets

- How our Quality Assurance supports accuracy and efficient delivery of the data

- How GHA can work within your current pre-existing conditions approach[/box_text]

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