GHA: Capital Improvement Expertise for Lasting Community Impact

At Gewalt Hamilton Associates Inc. (GHA), our expertise in Capital Improvement Programs (CIP) plays a crucial role in enhancing and sustaining community infrastructure. Understanding the significance of CIPs in long-term community development, we collaborate with communities to design and implement infrastructure projects that address current needs while preparing for the future. Our approach integrates advanced budgeting strategies and process optimizations to ensure cost-effectiveness and adaptability, minimizing potential issues through skilled, creative problem-solving.

Green Knolls/Gail Street Reconstruction, Buffalo Grove, IL


Our work with municipalities like the Village of Libertyville and the Village of Buffalo Grove has allowed us to manage important capital projects, from water mains to sewer systems. We prioritize aligning our efforts with the community’s vision, leveraging innovative techniques to ensure efficient budgeting and adaptable solutions. This method streamlines projects from design through construction, guaranteeing outcomes that meet community expectations and long-term objectives.


With GHA, municipalities benefit from a collaborative process that explores the best ways to achieve project goals, ensuring that each initiative is tailored to meet the unique needs of the community it serves. This commitment signifies a move toward smarter, more resilient infrastructure development, positioning GHA as the preferred choice for municipalities seeking to pave the way for a brighter, more progressive future.

We work diligently to understand the unique challenges and goals of each community we work with, ensuring solutions that work for all stakeholders. Our approach is founded on the principle of delivering not just what is expected, but exceeding those expectations with innovative, effective, and sustainable solutions that communities can trust for years to come.

Leo Morand, P.E. Director of Municipal Services

Our approach is rooted in a partnership that values innovative and tailored solutions, aiming for smarter, more sustainable growth. This vision drives us to be the go-to partner for municipalities looking forward, ensuring a brighter, more resilient future for all.”

-Leo Morand, P.E. Director of Municipal Services

Annual Infrastructure Improvements, Libertyville, IL


GHA’s proficiency in budgeting and strategic planning for CIPs ensures the optimal use of resources. We focus on developing budget strategies and planning solutions that resonate with community goals and infrastructure requirements. By advocating for informed decision-making and fiscal responsibility, our method fosters sustainable growth. This reflects our commitment to responsible resource management and community development.

Our dedication to process streamlining enhances project efficiency, ensuring timely and budget-compliant delivery. By combining flexibility and creativity, we customize solutions to meet each project’s unique demands. This adaptability, combined with our strategic budgeting and planning, demonstrates our dedication to addressing the complexities of capital projects while laying the groundwork for future community growth.

Starry Lane Drainage Improvements, Ela Township, IL

At GHA, we proudly offer a comprehensive suite of Capital Improvement Program services including:

      • Long Term Planning
      • Roadway Design
      • Street Maintenance and Rehabilitation
      • Stormwater Conveyance Systems
      • Waste Water Collection and Transmission
      • Water Distribution
      • Construction Phase Services

Choosing GHA for your Capital Improvement Program signifies a partnership based on experience and a proven track record of excellence. Our portfolio demonstrates our commitment to superior outcomes, giving communities confidence in our expertise and care. As we look toward a brighter future, GHA stands as a trusted partner, ready to turn your vision into reality with innovative solutions and exceptional service. We invite you to discover how we can help achieve your capital improvement objectives, creating a legacy of progress and sustainability.

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Leo Morand, P.E.
Director of Municipal Services