Residential and Home Owner Association client have high expectations for their properties and the infrastructure that makes them safe, reliable and cost-effective.

Residential projects are unique in that clients literally live with the results. The engineering aspects of properties for individual homeowners and HOAs must be long-term solutions that provide the needed services in a consistent way, with predictable lifecycles.

HOAs have particular challenges with multiple parties who need to understand and agree on all improvements. Factors of cost become even more important because capital improvement planning isn’t commonly among the skillsets of board members who determine the path forward. This is why GHA’s assistance in the planning process can be instrumental in successfully carrying out projects properly.

We work with community association managers regularly so GHA knows the priorities, constraints, and opportunities for a winning approach to improvements to stormwater management, roadway and parking rehabilitation, amenities like sports courts and playgrounds.

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Brian Wesolowski, P.E., CFM
Director of Site Design Services