GHA) has provided engineering for the Wilmette Park District for various projects throughout the last 25 years. These included engineering for the new clubhouse, new parking lot, pathway improvements and most recently the redesign of the golf course to increase playability. With approximately 30 acres of the 106-acre course located within the regulatory floodway and floodplain, the 90-year-old Wilmette Golf Club has historically suffered from frequent flood damage. The Wilmette Golf Club pursued extensive renovations to help alleviate drainage issues and improve the playability of the course.

To effectively manage the frequency and extent of flooding, improvements were designed to maximize stormwater storage capacity while minimizing impacts to playable areas and neighboring properties. The existing ponds were expanded and connected with vegetated bioswales. Excavated material from the detention expansion and bioswales was used to raise the elevation of fairways and playable areas, providing further flood protection. Native plants were integrated into the course design to enhance bioswale and wetland areas, improve stormwater quality, and provide ease of maintenance.