Buffalo Grove Park District renovations were scoped to include additional spaces to support a newly renovated pool, recreation area, and disc golf course. From the start, the District sought a sustainable solution to improve water quality discharging to Farrington Ditch.

Gewalt Hamilton provided Illinois Green Infrastructure Grant (IGIG) Program application preparation & coordination, schematic design; wetland delineation; construction documents for the site improvements, which included site grading, storm sewers, sidewalks, site details, lighting, and landscaping; an Engineer’s Opinion of Probable Cost; permit submittals to the Village of Buffalo Grove and Lake County Stormwater Management Commission; and a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan and Notice of Intent for submittal with National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) documents to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. Gewalt Hamilton also coordinated bidding and negotiation, and provided layout and resident engineering services for the duration of construction.

The IGIG Program was sought as a means to subsidize the sustainable proposed parking lot along Farrington Ditch. Coordinating reports from the Buffalo Creek Watershed management association, and providing the required quantitative pollutant load reduction calculations, Gewalt Hamilton assisted the Park District in receiving a $75,000 grant. This assistance allowed the Park District to construct the parking lot in the sustainable manner desired and in general cost conformance to a traditional parking lot.

The project site is located within a regulated floodplain under the jurisdiction of the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission. Accordingly, Gewalt Hamilton prepared a hydrologic analysis for the improvement establishing the 10- and 100-year base flood elevations, and a stormwater management report for distribution to the Village and LCSMC, in accordance with the Lake County Watershed Development Ordinance.


Illinois Green Infrastructure Grant (IGIG)

The Recipient and the Illinois EPA retain the right to cite, quote, circulate, and reprint all documents and other materials produced under this Agreement.  The Recipient will include in any publications for external general circulation (including all press releases, brochures, newsletters, Web sites, and presentation materials) the following phrase: “Funding for this project provided, in part, by the Governor of Illinois and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency through the Illinois Green Infrastructure Grant Program.”