Wichita had a tollway exit that attracted a lot of accidents. The tollway authority wanted to remove this exit completely. Local residents don’t usually like when exits close because it adds inconvenience and travel time to drive on to the next exit. Residents also get concerned when a heavily used road or exit is removed because it adds traffic to other roads in town. Wichita needed to understand where traffic was going before the exit was closed in order to could predict where it would go after closure. It wasn’t enough to know how many vehicles were on the various roads, they needed to know where the cars were coming from, where they were going to and what roads they were taking to get there.

One of the best ways to capture this origin-destination data is to capture the license plates of every vehicle at various locations throughout the study area. Using Miovision’s license plate recognition cameras, Gewalt Hamilton has been completing these types of studies for a couple of years. However, due to its size, this project was different. License plate studies have to be done simultaneously in order to capture the path of individual cars. To complete this project Gewalt Hamilton had to deploy 66 license plate cameras throughout the I-35 corridor in Wichita. Once the video was successfully captured and processed, Gewalt Hamilton sorted through 130,000 data points to provide Wichita with the data they needed to create a smooth exit closure for commuters.