GHA has served as the Village Engineer for the Village of Kildeer since 1985. Kildeer is a 3.5-square-mile community situated about 35 miles northwest of Chicago, with a population of approximately 4,000. Since 1985, GHA has provided extensive planning, design, construction, and development review services on behalf of the Village. Numerous developments have been completed along the Rand Road commercial corridor as well as numerous residential subdivisions in the Village over our tenure as Village Engineer. GHA serves as the Enforcement Officer for the Village, administering the Lake County Watershed Development Ordinance regulations for proposed residential and commercial developments.

The following summarizes private development that has occurred in the 35 years that GHA has served as the Village Engineer:

• 15 Residential Subdivisions that encompass approximately 720 acres, 670 lots (12,000 sf to multi-acre)
• Four Commercial Shopping Centers (approx. 400,000 sf)
• Sanitary sewer planning, design and review for over 12 miles of new sewer and 7 lift stations

In addition to plan review and compliance services, GHA manages a regular roadway maintenance and rehabilitation program utilizing Motor Fuel Tax funds administered by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). Gewalt Hamilton also assisted the Village in the transfer of the Village’s sanitary sewer system to Lake County Public Works in 2015. Without a Public Works Department, the Village realized the residents of Kildeer would be better serviced by the county for their sanitary sewer needs.