GHA has served as GIS Manager and Capital Projects Engineer for the Village of Northfield since 2004 with Greg Newton, GISP currently acting as GIS Manager. The Village contains a mix of urban and rural areas as well as estate-lot residential areas with a mix of public and private roadways.

Starting with a request to update the Village Zoning Map in 2004, GHA has worked continuously with Village staff to create an enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) with custom applications developed for use by the Village Manager’s office, Building and Community Development, Public Works, Engineering, Finance, and the Police Department. GHA facilitated data sharing agreements with the Cook County Assessor’s Department and IDOT to provide a comprehensive and reliable set of base data at little cost to the Village. The GIS applications utilize the ArcGIS for JavaScript API, allowing for distribution to every desktop and mobile user with no additional software fees. GHA has developed and deployed applications for distribution of important map data to residents of the Village.

GHA has also developed custom applications for Village staff to update and maintain the Village’s tree inventory, as well as applications for tracking utility maintenance. The GIS applications include links to electronic documents appropriate to the various departments; such as zoning requirements and special use ordinances for Community Development, benchmarks and FEMA letters of map change for engineering, utility structure photos, inspection reports and sewer videos for Public Works.