Gewalt Hamilton has served as the City Engineer & Surveyor for the City of Lake Forest since 2012. Lake Forest is a 17-square-mile community with a population of 19,375 (2010 census). Incorporated in 1861, Lake Forest is a unique community with special historical and physical distinction.

Gewalt Hamilton works closely with City engineering staff to provide a wide variety of plan review services, from individual grading permits to commercial development and major subdivisions. Gewalt Hamilton plans, reviews, and addresses such critical elements as compliance with floodplain requirements, wetland permitting, stormwater management, grading and erosion control, traffic studies, geometric design, construction phasing and staging, and coordination with other regulatory agencies.

In 2011 the City adopted an updated Steep Slopes Ordinance in order to protect public and private property and regulate development activity adjacent to the distinctive bluffs and ravines that are common to Lake Forest.  Gewalt Hamilton reviews all permit applications received that are subject to this ordinance, providing guidance to homeowners and developers to meet the ordinance requirements.

Gewalt Hamilton also provides guidance and review to staff for capital improvement projects, including the annual road program, watermain improvements, and sanitary sewer projects.  Gewalt Hamilton has worked with City staff and other consultants to assist in the coordination and permitting of various Phase I and Phase II bridge and underpass projects within the City.