Lake Barrington is a community unique in its countryside character and open spaces. Gewalt Hamilton has served as the Village Engineer for the Village since 2007. Lake Barrington is a 5.34-square-mile community situated in southwest Lake County, with a population of 4,973 (2010 census). The Village consists of mainly residential subdivisions with rural road cross sections and open ditches with some newer subdivisions with urban road cross sections and underground storm sewer systems. Lake Barrington also has a diverse commercial and industrial center, the “Pepper Road Business Park,” located at the southern limits of the Village. The residents and commercial tenants in the Village expect a high level of service and attention to their individual concerns.

Gewalt Hamilton has performed extensive engineering design and review services for the Village, which include:

  • Review all plans for proposed development in the Village, ranging from residential home additions and new construction to commercial additions and new construction.
  • Serve as the Enforcement Officer of the Lake County Watershed Development Ordinance for both stormwater developments and wetland impacts and preservation.
  • Assist the Village in implementation and enforcement of the Municipal Separate Sewer System (MS4) and prepare annual compliance report for the Illinois EPA.
  • Maintain Village’s Storm Sewer Atlas
  • Manage the Village’s regular roadway maintenance and rehabilitation program, utilizing the Motor Fuel Tax funds administered by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT).
  • Prepare engineering construction drawings and provide construction management and observation services for all Village improvement projects.
  • Maintain Intergovernmental relationships with Fox River Grove for the sanitary sewer and water systems that service the Pepper Road Business Park” and with the Cuba Township Road District for drainage projects and repairs.

Gewalt Hamilton has provided numerous analyses, designs and construction services for drainage improvement projects throughout the Village. The objective of these projects is primarily to alleviate flooding and poor drainage caused by open ditches that have become filled by sediment and are no longer functioning as intended. The primary solution on these projects has been a retrofit with new storm sewer systems in the existing rural-type road cross sections. The solutions and construction of these projects has been innovative and often challenging due to the existing topography and existing infrastructure design.