GHA has been collecting data on traffic since the company’s formation in 1981. We provide manual and machine counts, plus license plate surveys, pedestrian and bicycle volumes, parking space utilization, neighborhood cut thru traffic data and driving time information.

GHA was selected by IDOT to collect 24-hour Passive Magnetic Sensor (PMS) counts. Each was a two-year contract, with the exception of 2011-2013. Our crews worked from the Mississippi River to the Indiana state line, and from the Wisconsin state line to the area surrounding Peoria.

GHA was again selected by IDOT to serve on the 2022-2023 contract including in excess of 8,000 locations and a variety of count types.
Since 2005, we have completed over 37,000 24-hour volume and vehicle length counts. In the past six years we have collected over 7,500 counts within the City of Chicago as part of this work.