Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc. (GHA) was retained by the Village of Buffalo Grove to provide construction engineering services for this multi-phased, three year 4.05-mile roadway reconstruction and resurfacing project on two of the Village’s minor collector streets within a residential neighborhood. This project utilized Surface Transportation Program funding provided by IDOT and local funds. The proposed improvements consisted of full roadway reconstruction at its current width and alignment to an average depth of twenty-one (21) inches, roadway resurfacing, storm sewer removal and replacement, regulated substances coordination, extensive ADA improvements at 70+ intersections, and landscape improvements. Due to the scope of improvements and related impacts, this project was phased over three years, and each contract also required one-way traffic staging and temporary major detour routes.

With 425 residences within the project limits, driveway access closures, multiple adjacent construction projects by other agencies, a new residential subdivision being constructed, and two schools within the project limits, an open line of communication from the entire project team was imperative to ensure closures and access limitations were appropriately scheduled and staged to minimize traffic impacts and closure durations.

To effectively communicate to the traveling public and local residents, GHA provided weekly digital newsletter updates with pertinent schedule updates, project accomplishments, and how the work will affect the public.

GHA provided contract administration and full-time construction engineering services in accordance with IDOT procedures.