St. Michael Roman Catholic Church, Rectory, and Convent were long established in the Wheaton Central Business District. All three were burned down in an act of arson and required replacement. The replacement is a magnificent Church, while the Convent and Rectory were moved off-site.

GHA services included complete civil site development, including on-site detention, access, and circulation, plus coordination and justification of off-site supporting parking. The grade school on this site remained open throughout the project, requiring a variety of under-traffic solutions.

The existing school had a serious flooding issue due to a stairwell in the overland flow path. This issue was addressed via a revised grading plan, directing flow away from the damaged corridor.

GHA prepared a site variance request to provide only a 2-year storm volume of detention, received approval through the DuPage Storm Water Commission. As-constructed drawings were prepared following construction, confirming the volume provided.