Deerfield Park District


440 Grove Place
Deerfield, IL 60015


Pickleball Courts
Baseball Fields
Floodplain Preservation
ADA Accessible Path


Topographic Survey
Permit Assistance
Bidding Assistance
Stormwater Management
Construction Administration
ADA Compliance



Gewalt Hamilton Associates Inc. (GHA) successfully provided engineering and construction services for the enhancements at Deerfield Park District’s Shepard Park, showcasing our commitment to community-centric and environmentally responsible solutions.

GHA provided comprehensive services for this project, including detailed topographic surveys, permit and bidding assistance, coordination with regulatory bodies, stormwater management and construction administration.

After evaluating four potential locations within Deerfield Park District, Shepard Park was chosen for the addition of six pickleball courts, as well as overall enhancements, with an emphasis on minimizing community disruption. The careful placement of these courts over 500 feet from residential areas was a strategic decision to balance community engagement with neighborhood tranquility.

The project also involved a strategic redesign of the existing baseball fields to enable simultaneous play and optimize space use, ensuring the athletic uses meshed with the pickleball courts. Key features of this initiative included the addition of an ADA-accessible path, further enhancing the park’s accessibility and inclusivity for all community members.

Managing stormwater runoff, floodplain preservation, and natural resource conservation are key design elements for any project within this region. When the site plan for Shepard Park was finalized in collaboration with District staff, our Water Resources Division determined that the site’s existing stormwater system could accommodate the new pickleball courts and revised baseball fields without need for expansion. This decision preserved the current landscape while allowing for more cost-effective park enhancements.

Our work at Shepard Park showcases GHA’s expertise in blending technical skill with a deep understanding of community values, resulting in a project that enhances recreational opportunities while preserving the serenity and usability of the park.