The Ruth Barn Relocation Project, coordinated by Gewalt Hamilton Associates (GHA) with the Village of Long Grove, was a precursor for the expansion of the Long Grove Village Hall. Originally donated by one of the village’s earliest families, the Ruth Family, the barn has long served as a vital educational resource, offering tours to local schools, and a link to Long Grove’s past. This collaborative effort included navigating the complexities of planning and implementing the move across a regulated wetland, to an open space on Village Hall property, adjacent to the historic one-room Archer School. GHA’s careful environmental and logistical planning ensured the project was completed with minimal impact to the environment.

GHA’s responsibilities extended beyond the physical relocation Our services encompassed permit acquisition, utility coordination, cost estimation, and navigating the construction logistics. Additionally, GHA provided construction oversight for the installation of concrete piers at the new site, which now supports the relocated barn. This comprehensive approach ensured the project not only preserved Ruth Barn’s historical significance and interior contents, but also enhanced educational offerings connected to Long Grove’s rich past.

The Ruth Barn Relocation Project stands as a testament to Long Grove’s commitment to embracing its heritage while charting a course for the future. By relocating this historic structure next to the one-room Archer School, the community ensures that future generations can continue to learn and connect with the village’s story.