To consolidate all Public Works and Engineering services into a single centralized location, the Village of Mundelein acquired a vacant office building adjacent to land they already owned to create a 21-acre campus. Gewalt Hamilton Associates (GHA) was intimately involved in the conceptual planning of the site, creating the most cost effective and optimal configuration of the complex, while avoiding regulatory floodplain and federally protected wetlands.

The $23 million Public Works and Engineering complex is the single largest project in the Village’s history. It included a new 74,000 square-foot public works building for vehicle storage and maintenance, workshops, and wash bays. Additional site improvements included parking, 7,800 square-foot covered salt bin, outdoor material bins, a fuel island, and driveways.

The stormwater management improvements feature a naturalized detention basin with nearly 5 acres of native plants that will detain and filter runoff.