The development site of the Presence Center for Advanced Care is located within one of the premier residential and commercial locations in the City of Chicago. The site was previously a surface parking lot (186 spaces) for the medical campus. The approximate 1.5-acre parcel, located at the southwest corner of Sheridan Road and Surf Street, will be developed into a 210,000 SF new professional office building containing medical offices, ambulatory services, and a parking garage for approximately 350 vehicles.

Gewalt Hamilton performed the traffic planning, site civil design, and prepared stormwater detention calculations for the project, in conformance with City of Chicago standards. Careful attention was paid to ensuring the compatibility of the site plan with good pedestrian and vehicular circulation. Because the site is located within a Hospital campus, access, drop-off areas, entrances to and from the parking garage, and loading all had to be carefully planned to integrate with the neighborhood and other Hospital uses. Hardscape improvements included the reconstruction of the perimeter sidewalk system. The area between the sidewalk and building will be heavily landscaped with new trees, groundcover and an evergreen hedge. The landscaped parkway areas require a stormwater collection system that is incorporated with the site detention system. Detention on-site will be provided by a precast underground detention storage vault.