The Palatine Hills Golf Course is a public facility owned and maintained by the Palatine Park District. The course suffers from frequent flooding from the Arlington Heights Branch of Salt Creek which flows through the property and inundates large portions of the playing area during storms.

GHA was retained by the Park District to perform an evaluation of the existing flooding at the course and to make recommendations for improvements to reduce the flooding.

GHA studied both the regulatory Flood Insurance Study and the recently completed Metropolitan Water Reclamation District model of the Creek to evaluate the existing conditions and develop improvements which would protect the course without adversely impacting adjacent properties.

In addition, an assessment of the downstream Hamilton Reservoir was made to determine if the reservoir was functioning as intended. The MWRD model was viewed as being the more accurate model and was chosen as the base model. This model was further enhanced to include detailed topography and creek sections gathered by GHA surveyors.

Various potential improvement plans were developed for consideration by the Park District which included an assessment of the level of protection offered by the improvements as well as an estimate of the construction cost.