GHA assisted the Village of Fox Lake in their application for Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds to reconstruct Nippersink Boulevard. The Village of Fox Lake knew that improving the multi-modal access to the METRA Station needed to be part of the project. Various ideas were considered and presented to residents and the Board through a series of public meetings. Ultimately the decision was to proceed with a combination of traditional sidewalks and on-road dedicated bike lanes that are adjacent to both METRA parking and commercial businesses.

A very narrow Right of Way, challenging topography, and coordination with a parallel but separate project to replace all water services and sanitary sewer along the corridor were all overcome through diligent coordination with the Village and its other consultants. Lastly, GHA assisted the Village in securing various Design Exceptions from IDOT to accommodate the proposed design while minimizing land acquisition and maintaining critical on-street parking in the commercial areas.

Permits were obtained from:

  • Lake County Stormwater Management (LCSM)


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