The Village of Barrington recently undertook an extensive downtown utility improvement project on Main Street with several critical objectives in mind:

1. The Village’s primary objective was to relocate (to the extent possible) the existing water main, which had reached the end of its useful life. The existing water main consisted of varying pipe sizes and was located within the IDOT right-of-way. The Village desired to relocate the water main to Village-owned right-of-way behind the buildings, and replace with 12” water main.

2. Similarly, the existing storm sewer was also of varying pipe sizes and was located under buildings that front Main Street. The Village wished to relocate this sewer to the Village-owned right-of-way and replace with 24” sewer main.

3. An additional objective of the project related to a vacant Village-owned site located at the southwest corner of Main Street and Hough Street. As part of this project, the Village intended to realign the existing water main and storm sewer at the site, in order to maximize the capacity of the site for future development.

The primary limits of the project extend along Main Street, from Applebee Street east to Spring Street. As the project limits traverse the Union Pacific Railroad (UP), auger and jack borings were required to install both water main and storm sewer, requiring coordination and permitting through the UP. Additional permitting was required through IDOT for work in the right-of-way, and the IEPA for water main improvements. Extensive communication with property owners was necessary to coordinate utility service due to the relocations.

The project was completed in two phases. Phase 1 was completed in 2012, and included all design work and improvements west of the Union Pacific Railroad tracks. Phase 2 included work at, and east of, the Union Pacific Railroad tracks and was completed in 2013.

The Village and Gewalt Hamilton considered many environmental concerns during the design and construction of the project. The primary environmental consideration of this project, however, was the Village’s commitment to ensuring a consistent and safe water supply to the Barrington community. Replacing the outdated water main with a reliable service that meets current guidelines was paramount to achieving that objective.


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