Gewalt Hamilton is completing approximately 9,000 volume/classification traffic count using HiStar Passive Magnetic Traffic Counters and 900 video intersection Turning Movement Counts (TMCs) for IDOT during the two year contract. These counts span Illinois Districts 1 and 2, which stretch from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River. Gewalt Hamilton has been trusted by IDOT to compete this work since 2005.

Over the years, Gewalt Hamilton has invested heavily in training, equipment, technology, and process design to achieve the best possible result for IDOT. Since 2009, Gewalt Hamilton has leased a 26,000 lb truck with an arrow board and attenuator to safely complete traffic counts on the highest volume roads in and around the City of Chicago. Since 2005, we have been using GPS technology to locate every count to provide IDOT with a complete picture of the data they receive.

As the total number of annual counts has increased from 2,000 to 5,000, Gewalt Hamilton has developed thorough quality control processes, including automation of data processing to ensure the highest quality data. The efficient data processing has allowed IDOT to continually receive more and higher quality data every year without significant budget increases.