Gewalt Hamilton was selected by the Illinois Department of Transportation in 2011 to act as the State’s “eyes and ears” on the operation of over 2,500 traffic signals throughout its District 1 six county area.

The scope of the work is to ensure database integrity of each traffic signal being monitored. All traffic signal databases are remotely accessed either through phone lines or the internet. Gewalt Hamilton has the “official” on-record databases for the entirety of District 1. Without this surveillance, controller databases are subject to unauthorized changes, malfunctioning equipment, as well as unanticipated breakdowns in communication. The result of our efforts are traffic signals operating as programmed, with drivers’ expectations being met relating to traffic progression, potential delays, and unavoidable congestion.

Specific expertise is necessary for the successful completion of this project. High Level certification by the International Municipal Signal Association by all members of Gewalt Hamilton’s Signal Coordination & Timing team is a nationally recognized indication of, not only extensive experience with traffic signal operation, but also thorough knowledge of the software and electronics of modern traffic signals.

Work Orders are also assigned to Gewalt Hamilton to optimize older traffic signal systems that are experiencing increases in traffic. Our in-house Data Collection Division counts signals, and the counts are processed through optimization software for installation on the street.