Grand Dominion’s existing parking lot that services the Association’s Clubhouse was beginning to show signs of movement, failures and other distresses, as well as a few areas where grading improvements are necessary for both ADA and surface drainage purposes. A significant amount of water was seeping through the surface of the pavement, which is indicative of poor drainage in the subsoils of the parking lot. This is likely contributing to the distresses in the pavement and the premature failures that the pavement is experiencing. Also, the Association’s HMA pathways throughout the property have settled in some locations, creating drainage issues and ponding on the pathways.

In addition to the pavement issues to address, the current Illinois Accessibility Code requires that whenever maintenance is performed on parking lots, the ADA path of travel from the accessible parking stalls to the front door of the building they are serving is brought up to compliance with the current code. To comply with this requirement, we prepared a detailed topographic survey of and around the ADA parking areas, the sidewalks outside the main entrance and the sidewalk connecting to the sidewalk to the public right of way.

GHA provided construction observation services to ensure that the paving contractor installed the improvements in conformance with all plans and specifications.