GHA developed a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Assessment and Strategic Plan for the Village of Orland Park, Illinois. Over the past few decades, GIS has become an important tool for both residents and Village staff. GIS technology allows residents to access important data about their property or community, like parcel or zoning data, as well as allows staff to access critical data like emergency dispatch routing or utility locations. However, as identified in the assessment, the Village’s existing system had become outdated and unreliable.

Modernizing the Village’s GIS program had been identified as an urgent need by Village leadership and other stakeholders. With that, this assessment and strategic plan initiative was kicked off in late November 2020 with the report to be delivered by the end of the calendar year 2020. The Village’s goal was to modernize and improve the efficacy of its GIS by the end of 2021.
The GIS Assessment section included direct feedback from current GIS stakeholders, as well as analysis from GHA. The assessment also laid out some of the major system issues including outdated hardware and software.

The Strategic Plan provided options and recommendations to achieve the Village’s GIS goals and included a timeline of plan initiatives and milestones to achieve those goals by the client’s deadline.