When initially installed, the storm sewer on Elaine Circle was originally constructed in residents’ rear yards. Due to its location on private property, restricted access hampered the City’s regular maintenance efforts and hastened the deterioration of the sewer. Invasive tree roots and sub-standard initial construction exacerbated the problem, leading to the inevitable break and collapse of the sewer.

The Elain Circle Storm Sewer Replacement was included in the 2017 Drainage Improvement Project as part of the City’s annual maintenance program. The improvement included installation of a new storm sewer within the public right-of-way to replace the failing sewer in the rear yards. Relocation of the storm sewer required permitting through the Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways (CCDOTH) for connection to the existing sewer on East Camp McDonald Road.

As the City Engineer for Prospect Heights, GHA provided design and construction engineering for the Elaine Circle Storm Sewer Replacement. Services for this approximately $85,000 project included surveying, engineering design, permitting, and construction observation, including coordination with all affected residents.