This project included the replacement of the W. Edwards Road culvert over the Dutch Gap Canal located approximately 1,600’ east of US Route 45 in Antioch Township. The project involved the removal of the existing twin 11’ Diameter CMP culvert pipes which failed due to structural damage resulting from high water levels. These were replaced with precast triple box culverts (9’-9’) and cast-in-place concrete headwalls.

GHA completed initial permitting, wetland delineation, survey, and design services for the Antioch Township Highway Department. As part of the initial design, GHA was required to take the measures to minimize and mitigate impacts to the State threatened Iowa Darter (Etheostoma exile), which had been found in the Dutch Gap Canal in the location of the culvert. Due to the State protection of these fish, the proposed construction required consultation with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and mitigation was provided through contribution to the Lake County Forest Preserve District’s Iowa Darter conservation efforts.