The Cuba Road bridge was initially constructed in the 1920’s by Lorenzo R. Porter, a Cuba Township Highway Superintendent who replaced the original wooden plank crossings of Flint Creek with poured in place concrete structures. The bridge deck had been replaced in 1974 but the original substructure remained. As the bridge passed 90 years old, the Village of Barrington Hills requested that Gewalt Hamilton begin preliminary engineering efforts and pursue funds to replace the bridge.

Gewalt Hamilton completed topographic and boundary surveys and began preparation of base plans. Gewalt Hamilton completed traffic and crash analyses for Cuba Road and two intersections immediately adjacent to the bridge, Buckley Road and N. Cuba Road. Environmental studies, including a wetland delineation and report were completed by Gewalt Hamilton and Gewalt Hamilton coordinated with an environmental consultant for the preparation of a preliminary environmental site assessment. Gewalt Hamilton prepared a hydraulic analysis including analysis of the existing and proposed flow rates within Flint Creek, classified as a Zone A floodplain within the project limits. Gewalt Hamilton coordinated with a structural consultant to prepare and submit a Bridge Condition Report, Preliminary Bridge Design & Hydraulic Report, and preliminary Type, Size, & Location plans.

While the Phase I engineering process was locally funded, Gewalt Hamilton applied for and received approval from IDOT to utilize Highway Bridge Program funding for Phase II engineering, construction engineering and construction costs for replacement of the bridge. The Phase I engineering report was approved in February of 2014 and IDOT approved the Phase II agreement in April of 2014. Gewalt Hamilton coordinated with the Village to review and consider various architectural finishes for the bridge parapet walls and wingwalls to ensure that the new bridge would be not only structurally sound but also aesthetically pleasing. Gewalt Hamilton coordinated with the project structural consultant to prepare detailed construction plans and specifications in preparation for the IDOT letting. Gewalt Hamilton also worked with multiple utility agencies to coordinate relocation of aerial and underground utilities in conflict with the proposed structure and adjacent roadway improvements.