Prior to 2019, the Buffalo Creek stream bank had severe erosion at the bend of the creek located just north of Crossings Pond. In 2017, GHA completed the design for the Buffalo Grove Park District to improve water quality and recreation use along the pathway and to manage flood reduction.

The project area consisted of approximately 150-200 linear feet of improvements along the south side of the stream bank. Improvements included clearing the slope of trees and weedy vegetation, grading the streambank, installing a stone wall of gabion baskets, and stabilizing the vegetation by coir logs and coconut fabric at the bend in the stream.

The project received the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission Watershed Management Board (WMB) grant in 2018, and construction was completed in 2019.

This project has mitigated soil erosion, reducing downstream loadings of suspended solids (TSS) and phosphorus. Stream bank clearing and stabilization has improved the conditions of the stream bank, which was completely shaded by non-native invasive plants, suppressing communities of beneficial plants and animals.

Restoration and beautification of the pond shorelines and stream banks below the project site provide an enhanced visitor experience, water quality improvement, and other storm water management benefits. The Village of Buffalo Grove and Village of Long Grove, the Homeowner Associations on both sides of Buffalo Creek, and downstream communities has benefited from the completion of this project.