In July of 2017, high flood waters generated by a large storm resulted in the closing of Countryside Drive at the Bull Creek Tributary in Libertyville Township. The flooding had damaged all four (4) of the 58-inch-diameter corrugated metal pipes, causing the paved road to collapse.

The Township needed a quick and effective solution and called on Gewalt Hamilton Associates (GHA) to undertake the design, permitting and construction oversite of the project. GHA conducted a hydraulic analysis of multiple replacement and repair options, including box culverts, RCP culverts, an arch span, and lining the existing culverts. Due to the urgent need for a replacement, coordination with local manufacturers was critical to determining the option most ready to install. Two 5’x9’ box culverts with a concrete headwall were selected. GHA’s familiarity with local and federal regulatory agencies made expediting emergency permits possible, and construction began in August and was completed in September.