The CMAP Local Technical Assistance Program (LTA) is meant to advance the implementation of their GO TO 2040 Regional Plan and provide resources to local governments. A large component of these resources is the planning for and implementation of multimodal transportation improvements. CMAP decided that many of the LTA projects would greatly benefit from outside professional transportation planning and engineering services as a supplement to the overall plan.

In July of 2014, Gewalt Hamilton was awarded the contract to perform these services arising out of a competitive RFP, in which the Gewalt Hamilton – Active Transportation team scored the highest over twelve competitors. Since then, the team has embarked on the reviews of the UIC Master Transportation Plan, and the Rosemont Comprehensive Plan. The services included a detailed review of the plans resulting in very specific recommendations for bike and pedestrian routes, roadway capacity, intersection improvements, future access, and strategic geometric improvements. Gewalt Hamilton was able to provide schematic drawings for non-auto and roadway structures, modelling analyses, and costs for improvements.