Buffalo Grove contracted with GHA to assist in various water main replacements throughout the Village in an effort to revitalize and renew the Village’s infrastructure. The majority of the infrastructure Buffalo Grove owns was installed by developers during the boom to the suburbs with the majority of the installations taking place between 1950 and 1980.

The Village of Buffalo Grove approved a bond referendum for major Village wide street improvements to be scheduled over a five-year period. In advance of pavement resurfacing improvements, the Village wished to complete various water main and sewer replacements or repairs on a number of streets identified as having deteriorated underground infrastructure.

While the extent of the work has varied from year to year, the projects typically include approximately five months of full-time assistance during the summer. Gewalt Hamilton’s Resident Engineer worked hand-in-hand with Village Engineering, Public Works and Building Department staff on numerous projects, and also assisted with coordination of work by the Village’s other engineering consultants.