In 2009-2010, the Village of Barrington completed a Stormwater Management Study in response to significant rain events which caused widespread flooding. The Study identified factors contributing to the flooding, and recommended opportunities for the Village to mitigate storm sewer overflow.

As part of a larger Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project, three of the improvement recommendations (construct a stormwater basin at Miller Park, upsize storm sewer for the intersection of Washington and Hough, and upsize storm sewer downstream of the new Miller Park Basin) from the Study were incorporated into the project.

GHA completed construction documents for the estimated $13 million project. Improvements included approximately 5,200 linear feet of full-depth roadway reconstruction; 800’ of replacement water main; new 60” storm sewer; new 12”-30” sanitary sewer buried to depths between 5’ and 33’, and new 4.2 Acre-Foot Stormwater Basin.

The project addressed sewer surface surcharge in a key location within the Village by reducing inflow and infiltration and increasing sewer capacity. Due to unsuitable soils, a portion of the storm sewer was supported by a concrete pile foundation

The project was bid in November 2016. Construction began in 2017 and was completed in 2018.