The 2023 Round Lake Beach Municipal Campus Improvements, led by Gewalt Hamilton, Inc. (GHA) addressed critical infrastructure needs while enhancing community facilities for greater public benefit.

The project included the expansion of the north and east parking lots, which serve both the Round Lake Police Department (south) and Village Hall (north). This expansion included solutions for drainage issues through the integration of rain gardens and bioswales.

Security and traffic flow were key considerations; the police parking lot was securely fenced, and radio-activated gates were installed to ensure controlled access. The north parking lot’s expansion was designed for shared use with the adject Round Lake Area Park District building, resolving parking and traffic challenges during peak times. This improvement was complemented by the widening of Municipal Way, further facilitating access to both facilities and minimizing traffic congestion during Park District activities.

Enhancements extended to pedestrian access with the addition of sidewalks leading to green spaces and a monument tree, creating an inviting atmosphere for community members. The project also prioritized sustainability and energy efficiency, with lighting upgrades to LED technology, aligning with modern environmental standards.

Critical to the project’s success was addressing ADA compliance, ensuring accessibility for all community members. To address past issues with washouts and flooding, the parking facility revitalization included the installation of curb and gutter systems. These strategic improvements not only enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the municipal campus but also extend the service life of these vital community assets.