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Gewalt Hamilton completed the Phase I Engineering Study on behalf of the Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) for the improvement of Buffalo Grove Road from north of Deerfield Parkway to south of Illinois Route 22 in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. The project involved adding an additional through-lane in each direction within the 1.9-mile project length. A condition and cost analysis was completed of the existing pavement condition for determination of construction and material alternatives. Gewalt Hamilton completed topographic and right-of-way surveys and preparation of base plans; coordination with a geotechnical specialist for soils and pavement analysis; coordination with a structural engineer for evaluation of two box culverts over Aptakisic Creek and its tributary; and coordination with various utility companies. Gewalt Hamilton completed traffic and crash analyses through the corridor and completed intersection design studies for the intersections of Buffalo Grove Road with Aptakisic Road, Thompson Boulevard and Deerfield Parkway along with evaluation of 2040 projections through the project corridor.

Environmental studies, including a wetland delineation and report were completed by Gewalt Hamilton and Gewalt Hamilton coordinated with an environmental consultant for the preparation of a preliminary environmental site assessment and special waste analysis. Gewalt Hamilton prepared a hydraulic analysis including a complete location drainage study including analysis of the existing and proposed drainage system, evaluation of detention requirements in accordance with the Lake County Watershed Development Ordinance and evaluation of adjoining floodplain. Gewalt Hamilton also coordinated with sub-contractors for the televising of the Village of Buffalo Grove’s sanitary sewer and the County’s existing storm sewer system.

Gewalt Hamilton coordinated with adjoining agencies and permitting authorities including the Village of Buffalo Grove, the Buffalo Grove Park District; Lake County Stormwater Management Commission and the US Army Corp of Engineers. Gewalt Hamilton had coordinated a Public Meeting and Public Hearing as a component of the County’s community outreach that include preparation of multitude of exhibits and handouts to educate the public of the proposed improvements. Gewalt Hamilton also coordinated a webpage housed on the County’s website for the Phase I study as another means to provide the public with information of the study and progress as well as providing another means for the public to provide input.

Preliminary engineering design plans including typical cross-sections, plan and profile, drainage and utility plans and cross-section were completed. During the preparation of the preliminary design an analysis was completed for determination of potential right-of-way and easements. A final Phase I Project Development Report was completed for the County and is proceeding in the Phase II – final design stage.