Facilities & Utilities Management

GHA: Comprehensive Facilities & Utilities Management

At Gewalt Hamilton Associates, we place a high value on the critical role of Facilities and Utilities Management. We understand their crucial significance, where strict adherence to industry standards, attention to detail, and accuracy form the foundation of our operations. With more than 150 years of collective service, our team underscores our commitment to excellence in facilities and utility management.


GHA’s expertise spans a wide range of water and wastewater system operations, from managing potable water treatment facilities to operating pump stations, we also work closely with private labs for water testing quality to meet all EPA standards and reporting, and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. We understand the importance of preventive maintenance programs and are equipped to respond swiftly and efficiently to emergencies. A key aspect of our work is managing overall water and wastewater systems to reduce Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) in sanitary sewer systems, demonstrating our commitment to maintaining water system from daily operation to all required field inspection of assets, and this is a based on the long-term functionality of these critical utilities.


Our Storm and Sanitary Structure Data Collection project for the City of Urbana exemplifies GHA’s commitment to meticulous data collection and efficient infrastructure management. The project, which covers approximately 80% of the city’s storm and sewer structures, employs a custom GIS-based form to gather comprehensive data and directly integrates this information into the city’s GIS data model. The anticipated use of the CUES SPiDER Manhole/Structure Scanner on around 25% of the structures enhances the project’s efficiency, offering robust 3D models that help identify potential defects. This innovative approach highlights GHA’s passion for leveraging advanced technology to serve our clients effectively and with integrity.

City of Urbana - GPS Points


GHA has embarked on a comprehensive investigation and management project of the Village of Wheeling’s storm sewer system. Our team utilizes GPS technology to locate approximately 530,220 linear feet of storm sewer pipes and conducts thorough inspections of more than 10,000 storm structures. Through personalized GIS data integration, we provide a comprehensive stormwater master plan to the Village, offering valuable recommendations for their storm system management.

CUES SPiDER Manhole/Structure Scanner
Michael Grinell, Director of Facilities and Utilities Management

Director of Facilities and Utilities Management Mike Grinnell highlights our proactive approach: “Our division’s focus extends beyond the job at hand. We are constantly anticipating our clients’ future needs and actively developing solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.”

-Michael Grinell, Director of Facilities & Utilities Management


Our services go beyond the basics. We offer comprehensive equipment inspections, collaborate with vendors for preventive measures, develop multi-year CIP plans, and oversee daily operations. Our quick response to emergencies and adeptness in managing minor repairs ensure the smooth running of facilities.

As a process-centric organization, we advocate that efficient facilities and utilities management is grounded in well-devised procedures and streamlined programs. With our unwavering commitment to quality service and technological evolution, we set the trajectory for the future of integrated Facilities and Utilities Management.

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Mike Grinnell
Director of Facilities and Utilities Management

Traffic Signals 

Traffic Signals Make Transportation Safety and Traffic Flow Possible.

GHA’s traffic signal design experience ranges from ADA pedestrian safety improvements to multi-traffic signal corridor long improvement projects. GHA can study locations to recommend future improvements, design the new traffic signals, assist with resident engineer duties during construction, and even assist with signal operations after the traffic signal is built. Our experience with all phases of construction and maintenance of a traffic signal and roadway corridor allows us to design projects with their full life cycle in mind. Also, our close relationships with IDOT and other DOTs give us insight into design criteria and preferences, allowing us to truncate the review process

For more than 30 years GHA has provided traffic signal design for a variety of projects ranging from simple ADA pedestrian safety improvements to corridor improvements for entire traffic signal systems. GHA has been selected for Various / Various design contracts by IDOT and designed multiple corridor interconnect and signal replacement projects for LCDOT. GHA has the experience and ability to review the existing operations of an intersection and make recommendations to maximize the improvement budget by focusing on the changes that make a difference in real world operations. GHA can assist with new and modified traffic signals from concept through construction: completing warrant studies, design for new and modified traffic signals, provide resident engineer duties during construction, and even assist with signal operations after the traffic signal is constructed. Our experience with all phases of construction and maintenance of a traffic signal and roadway corridor allows us to design projects with their full life cycle in mind. Lastly, our close relationships with IDOT and other DOTs give us insight into design criteria, preferences, and ever-changing regulations, allowing us to maximize our efficiency and help mitigate potential for additional reviews.

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Ross Haseman, P.E., PTOE
Senior Signal Systems Engineer

Site Civil Engineering

Site Civil Engineering: Strategic Design, Sustainable Solutions

Our site design team approaches every site improvement project with the intent that it will serve as an example of stewardship within the community. We take pride in our work and the legacy each project leaves behind.

Our familiarity with the approval process allows us to prepare plans that address regulatory requirements up front and facilitate quick turn-around. While keeping our clients’ goals in mind, we work closely with local officials and county, state and federal agencies to ensure compliance with stormwater management, floodplain development, zoning and other applicable regulations.

Projects range from development and implementation of campus or district-wide improvement programs to building additions, flood reduction and drainage improvements, and new developments for public and private sector clients.

Services include:

  • Site Due Diligence
  • Boundary and Topographic Surveys
  • Site Planning
  • LEED Certified Site Planning

  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Traffic Access and Circulation
  • Public Presentation and Hearings
  • Stormwater Management

  • Utility Relocation and Design
  • Final Engineering
  • Permit Acquisition
  • Construction Layout

  • Construction Phase Services
  • Record Drawings Preparation
  • Sustainable Design
  • ADA Compliance and Path of Travel

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Brian Wesolowski, P.E., CFM
Director of Site Design Services

Municipal Engineering

GHA: Your Municipal Engineering Partner

For more than 40 years, GHA has been a trusted engineering partner of municipalities, county and state agencies, and other public organizations. Our reputation as a full-service municipal engineering firm is built on a commitment to quality and innovation. Whether you need us full-time or on an as-needed basis, we’re here to provide solutions tailored to your community’s unique needs.


Municipal engineering is more than just infrastructure; it’s about shaping the fabric of our communities. While roads and utilities are essential, the heart of municipal engineering lies in proactive community engagement, education, and an understanding of the broader ecosystem of a municipality. Our role is to bridge the gap between complex engineering concepts and the community, ensuring everyone understands the value and purpose of the infrastructure around them.

Green Knolls - Gail Street Reconstruction, Buffalo Grove, IL

Leo Morand, P.E., Director of Municipal Services

“Clear communication is the key. It’s about making sure the community understands the logic behind preventive measures, ensuring we’re always working in their best interest.”

-Leo Morand, Director of Municipal Services


At the core of every thriving municipality lies an efficient infrastructure system. Our Village/City Engineering services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each community. With more than 40 years of experience, GHA has been instrumental in delivering tailored engineering solutions to every client we serve.

We understand that municipal engineering is not just about constructing roads or setting up utilities; it’s about creating environments where residents can live, work, and play safely. From initial planning and feasibility studies to design, construction, and maintenance, our team of experts collaborates closely with municipal stakeholders. This ensures that projects are technically sound and align with the community’s vision and goals.


Since 1985 GHA has served as the Village Engineer for Kildeer, a community spanning 3.5 square miles and located 35 miles northwest of Chicago. In this role, we have provided a comprehensive range of services including planning, design, construction, and development review services. Our tenure has seen the completion of numerous developments along the Rand Road commercial corridor and various residential subdivisions. We also serve as the Enforcement Officer for the Village, administering Lake County Watershed Development Ordinance regulations for proposed residential and commercial developments.

Kildeer, IL Village Hall


Navigating the intricate world of grants can be complex. With numerous opportunities available, identifying the right grant for a specific project and ensuring compliance with its requirements demands expertise. That’s where GHA steps in.

With a comprehensive range of services, municipalities seeking grant acquisition expertise turn to GHA as a reliable partner. Our team stays up to date with the latest grant opportunities, ensuring timely identification and capitalization on these opportunities. Securing a grant is pivotal in bringing transformative projects to life. We are committed to guiding municipalities through the application process, leveraging a deep understanding of engineering projects to create compelling grant proposals. This expertise allows us to emphasize the key components of a project that resonate most with grant providers.


Roadway Design, Maintenance, and Rehabilitation: Ensuring safe and efficient transportation for all residents.
Stormwater Conveyance Systems: Addressing the challenges of flooding and drainage with innovative solutions.
Wastewater Collection and Transmission: Ensuring environmental safety and compliance.
Water Distribution: Delivering clean water efficiently to every home and business.
Public Works Operations: Keeping our communities running smoothly.
Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Mapping our communities for the future.
Planning and Zoning Consultation: Guiding growth and development.

Subdivision and Site Development Plan Review: Ensuring every development meets our high standards.
Easement and Plat Preparation and Review: Protecting public and private interests.
Project Bidding and Contract Administration: Ensuring value for every dollar spent.
Construction Phase Services: Overseeing projects from start to finish.
Land Surveys: Mapping our communities with precision.
Pavement Inventory Analysis: Planning for the future of our roads.
Engineering Phase I Studies: Laying the groundwork for success.
Engineering Phase II Design: Turning plans into reality.

At GHA, our engineering expertise lays the groundwork for vibrant, thriving communities. We’re dedicated to crafting future-ready, innovative solutions that leave a lasting impact. Our approach goes beyond infrastructure, considering the lives and aspirations of those who call these places home. Join us as we continue to shape the future of municipal engineering, ensuring our neighborhoods and cities remain safe and sustainable for generations to come.

Traffic Data Collection

GHA: Transforming Traffic Data Collection Nationwide

Gewalt Hamilton Associates Traffic Data Collection Division is always on the move, providing first-rate services to clients across the United States. With the establishment of our new branch in Lenexa, Kansas, GHA’s commitment to process-driven reliability reaches new heights. This strategic expansion not only enhances our capacity to handle projects of any scale swiftly and efficiently, but also streamlines the deployment of our staff and equipment. By minimizing drive time, we achieve greater cost-effectiveness, a benefit we pass on to our clients by delivering exceptional services at an optimized cost.

Bill Klewin – Director of Data Collection Services

“From North Dakota’s open plains to Texas’s busy highways, we’ve proudly served clients across a vast geographical range,” shares Bill Klewin, Director of Data Collection Services. “Our new branch in Lenexa, Kansas is a testament to our commitment to growth and broadening our reach across the nation.”

-Bill Klewin, Director of Data Collection Services

We’re proud of our impact on transformative projects across the country. For the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), we’re tasked with data collection on an ‘as-needed’ basis for the monitoring and evaluation of 36,000 miles of federal-aid roads in Michigan, with additional reporting requirements for the 83,000 miles of non-federal aid roads. This includes uploading the collected data to MDOT’s Traffic Data Management System (TDMS) for quality and reasonableness evaluation.

In Illinois, our team was selected by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) for the collection of 24-hour Passive Magnetic Sensor (PMS) counts, spanning the Mississippi River to the Indiana state line, and from the Wisconsin state line to the area surrounding Peoria. We’re honored to be selected once again by IDOT for the 2022-2023 contract, encompassing more than 8,000 locations and various count types. Since 2005, we have completed more than 37,000 24-hour volume and vehicle length counts. In the past six years alone, we have collected more than 7,500 counts within the City of Chicago.

At GHA, we deploy cutting-edge technology, including Miovision to deliver a broad spectrum of traffic data collection services, including:

      • Turning Movement Counts
      • Volume / Classification Counts
      • Speed / Congestion Studies
      • Origin – Destination / Travel Time Studies
      • Parking Counts

Our reputation as a leading company in the practical application of technology is driven by our passion for innovation. To enhance the value we provide our clients, we offer online requests for traffic counts and stand as one of the first data collection firms to supplement collected traffic data with GPS data. This fusion results in more comprehensive analysis capabilities for our clients.

Our team of dedicated computer programmers and technicians work relentlessly to ensure worry-free traffic data collection. We take pride in our ability to collect data accurately and efficiently, allowing our clients to focus on achieving their primary business goals.

Join us as we continue to innovate in the world of traffic data collection.

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Bill Klewin
Director of Data Collection Services

Water Resources

For nearly every project, the competing concerns of site drainage, offsite impacts and preservation of water quality must all be addressed in compliance with overlapping and sometimes conflicting federal, state and local regulations.

GHA’s Water Resources engineers are thoroughly familiar with the requirements of the various northeastern Illinois county and municipal stormwater ordinances. We regularly prepare documentation and permit submittals to meet these regulatory requirements.

Our strategies combine proven stormwater management approaches with innovative naturalized systems to both reduce stormwater runoff volume and enhance downstream water quality.

GHA regularly performs:

  • Location Drainage Studies
  • Drainage Investigations
  • Hydrologic & Hydraulic Studies
  • Base Flood Elevation Determinations
  • FEMA Letters of Map Revisions & Amendments
  • Stormwater & Floodplain Ordinance Development & Enforcement
  • Storm Sewer Maintenance
  • Storm Sewer Rehabilitation
  • Streambank Restoration

  • Stormwater Detention Design
  • Stormwater Conveyance Design
  • Rain Garden Design
  • Permeable Pavement Design
  • FEMA Letters of Map Revisions & Amendments
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Preparation & Review
  • Stormwater Management Program Preparation & Compliance Monitoring
  • Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Compliance Monitoring
  • Sustainable Design

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Mei Zhu, P.E., CFM, LEED AP
Director of Water Resources

Land Surveying

GHA’s Land Survey Group brings a level of experience far beyond most firms, and applies this to an extremely wide range of project categories, types of surveys, and time constrictions.

Reliable Excellence in Land Surveying is the unsung hero of civil engineering. With so much riding on the accuracy and level of detail, it is urgent that surveyors adhere to industry standards and best-practices that yield high-quality deliverables that lead to informed design.

Possibly our most beneficial advantage is that GHA is a civil engineering firm. This means that our surveyors are intimately familiar with exactly what is done with our surveying deliverables and why. Performing surveys from the engineering perspective has proven to provide us a definite edge in deep detail, resulting in highest-quality data. This is the data that defines the entire balance of project design.

  • Land Survey Services:
  • Boundary Survey
  • Existing Conditions & Topographic Survey
  • ALTA / ACSM Land Title Survey
  • Plat of Highways

  • Plats of Subdivision / Easements
  • Construction Layout
  • High-Definition Scanning
  • Manhole / Structure 3D Scanning

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Jonathan Past, PLS
Survey Group Leader

Construction Engineering

Proactive communication and effective coordination are vital to any project’s successful construction.

GHA Construction Engineering focuses on impeccable documentation, a firm but fair collaboration with contractors, and actively reducing uncertainty for those affected by construction activity.

In the engineering phase that takes all the planning and intensive design and makes it a reality, there is uncertainty that can be mitigated with the right approach. For contractor and material accuracy and compliance, our trained eye and reliable processes match the high level of performance sought by project owners when seeking the right consultant.

The enemy of confidence for construction project stakeholders is uncertainty. The actual inconvenience experienced is undeniably unpleasant, but what residents, commuters, and the local business community really fears is not knowing what is being done, how long it will take, and why.

Construction projects commonly involve changes and delays. This is counterintuitive to projecting the perception of intentional, well-planned construction activity. This leaves only preemptive timeliness as the most important tool. Over the years, it has been common to generate newsletters, flyers, and other communications channels to manage the emotions of project stakeholders.

We know that today’s immediacy is demanded by the public, and while hard-copy methods may still need to be included, the most helpful channel to connect with those most interested in remaining fully informed is a project-specific website GHA brings strong experience in utilizing a project-specific website to inform stakeholders about the project and is the most common method chosen and most conveniently consumed.


With our expertise in construction processes and documentation, our field staff can fulfill the requirements of state, county and local governmental agencies. We stay up-to-date with the most current design and construction standards in order to make expedient field changes as required.

Construction Observation

Site observation is imperative to construct a site which meets or exceeds local and federal standard specifications. We will attend all construction meetings with the design team and contractors, prepare field sketches and change orders, and review final payment processes.

NPDES Compliance Monitoring

We have certified National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES) compliance monitoring personnel who verify that project sites meet or exceed best management practices as stated in ILR10 permit applications. Our field personnel inspect, document, report and photograph the relevant construction activity.

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Dave Marquardt
Director of Construction & Survey

Computer generated map

GIS and Asset Management

GHA: Geospatial Expertise Across Diverse Industries

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are revolutionizing the way organizations access and analyze spatial data. At GHA, we take pride in offering comprehensive GIS services across Illinois that provide valuable insights and efficient solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Our team understands the importance of a personal approach to civil engineering, ensuring that your specific requirements are met.

Among our clients, GHA collaborates closely with the Village of Orland Park to deliver comprehensive full-time GIS consulting services with a personal touch. Our dedicated GIS Professional, Greg Newton (GISP), is on-site weekly, providing seamless support. As part of our partnership, we play a crucial role in supporting the Orland Park Police Department through the Nena 911 program. By providing them with accurate and up-to-date address data, our GIS map helps direct emergency response and ensures the safety of residents in Cook County. Our publicly accessible GIS map allows residents to conveniently explore a wide range of information, providing a personalized experience tailored to their needs. This enhanced transparency not only empowers the community, but also relieves the strain on village resources. With our expertise in GIS technology and our commitment to providing personalized solutions, GHA is dedicated to unlocking the transformative power of spatial data, allowing our clients to optimize their operations and better plan for the future.

Greg Newton – Director of Geospatial Services

Highlighting the crucial role of GIS in effectively managing and analyzing spatial data, Newton says “GIS empowers communities and institutions to leverage geospatial information for improved planning, asset management and decision-making.”

-Greg Newton, Director of Geospatial Services

While maintaining GIS services for Northwestern University, our focus lies specifically on their underground IT assets. By accurately mapping and managing these assets, we enable Northwestern to make informed decisions, improve maintenance processes, and ensure efficient resource utilization. Through our personalized GIS expertise, Northwestern streamlines operations, enhances productivity and maintains a robust IT infrastructure.

GHA has embarked on a comprehensive project with the Village of Wheeling. This ambitious endeavor involves the investigation and management of their storm sewer system. Our team utilizes GPS technology to locate approximately 530,220 linear feet of storm sewer pipes and conducts thorough inspections of more than 10,000 storm structures. Through personalized GIS data integration, we provide a comprehensive stormwater master plan to the Village, offering valuable recommendations for their storm system management. As the project progresses, we continue to perform personalized GIS data integration, enabling real-time insights and updates.

At GHA, we recognize the transformative power of GIS in unlocking data-driven decision-making. By harnessing spatial data and employing advanced GIS techniques tailored to your needs, we empower our clients to make informed choices, optimize resource allocation, and plan for the future. With our expertise, dedication and commitment to integrity, we are committed to utilizing GIS technology to help organizations thrive in today’s dynamic world.


GIS Web/Mobile Application Development

We design customized web applications hosted on our secure server that allows you to analyze and interpret geospatial data both in the office and in the field. Using the power of ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online, we design and implement applications based on your organizational needs.

GPS Asset/Facility Location

We use the latest high precision Global Positioning System technology to collect and map assets and track and manage vehicle fleets.

Asset Mapping and Database Management

We provide cost-effective innovative solutions to efficiently manage engineering design projects, utility networks, and asset databases.

CUES SPiDER Manhole/Structure Scanner

Unlock the power of GIS with GHA and experience the benefits of a personalized approach to civil engineering. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive GIS services and how we can assist you in leveraging spatial data for long-term success.

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Greg Newton, GISP
Director of Geospatial Services

Capital Improvement Projects

Enhancing Communities Starts With Long-Term Planning and Sound Engineering

We pride ourselves in partnering with communities to develop and implement capital improvement projects that are cost-effective while also considering the best design for long-term maintenance. Our staff assists with the initial planning phases all the way through design, permitting and construction, and helps municipalities obtain permits efficiently in order to complete projects within budgets.

We assist with:

  • Long Term Planning
  • Roadway Design
  • Street Maintenance and Rehabilitation
  • Stormwater Conveyance Systems

  • Waste Water Collection and Transmission
  • Water Distribution
  • Construction Phase Services

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Leo Morand, P.E.
Director of Municipal Services