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GHA: Engineering the Future of Education

Educational institutions stand at the intersection of tradition and innovation, shaping the leaders of tomorrow. At GHA, we understand that educational institutions, from K-12 districts to higher learning campuses, are more than just physical structures. They are pivotal centers of growth, discovery, and progress for teaching and learning.

We proudly contribute to this dynamic landscape as site design specialists, embracing the diverse nature of educational institutions. Our experience spans enhancing athletic fields, optimizing pedestrian pathways, and coordinating comprehensive multi-campus improvements. With every project, we incorporate that experience to allow for safe and efficient traffic flow, ensuring a seamless blend of function and design that supports the daily operations of the institution. We uphold a commitment to a high standard of service, serving as a reliable partner to educational institutions.


GHA’s impact on K-12 education is evident in our trusted relationships with more than 40 northern Illinois school districts. We excel in streamlining project funding that yields upgraded, functional facilities that adapt seamlessly to the growing demands of schools.

For more than 15 years, GHA has had the privilege of providing civil engineering services to Lake Zurich Community Unit School District (CUSD) 95. We tackle complex factors like drop-off/pickup traffic operations, onsite wetlands, stormwater improvements, and the modernization of infrastructure within confined spaces. Our team thrives on finding innovative solutions that embody efficiency.

The range of our contributions includes athletic improvements such as synthetic turf replacement and stadium infrastructure upgrades. Site enhancements span from parking lot reconstruction to strategic planning for future expansions. This partnership with Lake Zurich CUSD 95 exemplifies our dedication to the educational landscape and underscores our passion for delivering tailored solutions.

Lake Zurich CUSD 95- May Whitney Elementary School


When collaborating with colleges and universities, we personalize our approach to suit their unique needs. Our expertise extends from enhancing faculty and student residence infrastructure to upgrading athletic facility capabilities, always prioritizing efficiency and scalability, regardless of the project’s size.

Whether upgrading athletic facilities, enhancing pedestrian walkways, or working closely with institutions on broad-scale improvements, GHA applies a detail-oriented approach. We pride ourselves on identifying and maximizing untapped potential, transforming challenges into opportunities for meaningful and impactful enhancements within the educational landscape.

Northwestern University Campus

Brian Wesolowski
P.E., CFM, Director of Site Design Services

“When we work with colleges and universities, our commitment goes beyond project completion. We share in their passion for education and thrive on creating spaces that inspire learning, collaboration, and innovation. Each campus has unique potential, and our mission is to unlock it in a meaningful way.”

– Brian Wesolowski, P.E., CFM, Director of Site Design Services

Our dedication to delivering innovative, client-focused solutions, paired with our passion for educational excellence, positions us as trusted advisors in this ever-evolving sector. Let’s shape the future of education together.


Scott Gaunky, P.E.

Brian Wesolowski, P.E., CFM
Director of Site Design Services

Parks & Recreation

GHA: Shaping Community Parks, Enhancing Local Connections


Park districts are integral components of any community, offering much more than playgrounds and sports fields. They’re dynamic spaces that invigorate, inspire, and contribute to the wellness of community members. At GHA, we understand the pivotal role of these public spaces, and for decades our Site Design division has worked alongside park districts, helping them evolve with the changing needs of the communities they serve.

Partnering with more than 35 northern Illinois park districts extends beyond just civil site design and infrastructure. We have provided master planning services, guiding the future development of parks & recreation facilities in a sustainable and thoughtful manner. Our dedicated approach fosters long-term relationships, making GHA a trusted partner for park districts and their communities.

Waukegan Park District - Greg Petry SportsPark

Thomas A. Rychlik, P.E., Senior Engineer

“Having the opportunity to shape the public spaces where memories are made and community ties are strengthened is a role we approach with passion and fidelity. At GHA, our extensive experience with parks & recreation has made us understand that our designs impact more than just landscapes; they touch lives. Our expertise lies in creating solutions and spaces that serve communities in meaningful ways today and for generations to come.”

-Thomas A. Rychlik, P.E., Senior Engineer


Our collaboration with the Waukegan Park District on Greg Petry SportsPark demonstrates GHA’s innovative and responsive approach to parks & recreation projects. Tasked with the transformation of a 135-acre golf course into a sports complex in response to strong community demand, GHA served as the lead consultant, overseeing all stages, from planning to final construction. Given the substantial scope of the project, including large-scale earthwork, utilities installation, and a robust stormwater management system, we identified the need for a comprehensive and well-structured strategic plan. Implementing this plan, GHA was able to acquire all necessary permits within four months. This resulted in a state-of-the-art complex recognized by Enjoy Illinois as “the top sports complex in Northern Illinois” and “a perfect place to host tournaments and events.”


Forest preserves are nature’s retreats within bustling urban landscapes. GHA has a history of serving forest preserve districts around Chicago by enhancing open spaces and creating trailways for the public’s enjoyment, while also improving infrastructure such as roadways and parking to allow access to those places.  To facilitate the ongoing management of the lands, we further assist in developing state of the art maintenance and operation facilities.

GHA’s specialty lies in delivering these projects with an emphasis on minimizing disturbance beyond the site improvements. We work diligently to ensure the natural serenity and ecological integrity of forest preserves are preserved while implementing necessary enhancements. Our commitment to this delicate balance solidifies our position as a leading provider of engineering services for forest preserves.

Lake County Forest Preserve District – Grassy Lake Forest Preserve

In both park districts and forest preserves, GHA’s approach has been about more than just design and infrastructure. It is our passion for preserving, enhancing, and revitalizing public spaces that sets us apart and aligns us closely with the communities we serve.


Thomas A. Rychlik, P.E.
Senior Engineer

Brian Wesolowski, P.E., CFM
Director of Site Design Services


GHA: Trusted Advisors for Government Projects


Village of Round Lake Beach Village Hall

Carissa Smith – P.E., Senior Engineer

“GHA collaborates with municipalities to turn infrastructure visions into reality. Leveraging 40 years of experience, we oversee projects from early planning through to final construction, ensuring they meet community needs and standards.”

-Carissa Smith, P.E., Senior Engineer


Grant Township Engineer, Ingleside, IL

Dan Strahan – P.E., CFM, Senior Engineer

“GHA is dedicated to guiding township infrastructure projects. By working closely with municipal and county agencies, we ensure that every project is effectively coordinated and executed to meet township needs.”

-Dan Strahan, P.E., CFM, Senior Engineer


LCDOT - Buffalo Grove Road Improvements

Michael Warner – P.E., CFM, Principal

“GHA serves county clients by handling small to large-scale infrastructure projects. These initiatives often involve multiple local governments and require careful coordination to enhance the county’s overall infrastructure network. With decades of experience, GHA has the expertise needed to successfully manage and coordinate these complex projects, ensuring effective and seamless execution.”

-Michael Warner, P.E., CFM, Principal


Traffic Signal Controller/Detector Monitoring - IDOT D1, State of Illinois

Matt Turk – P.E., Director of Transportation Services

GHA works closely with state-level agencies such as the Illinois Department of Transportation and Illinois EPA. Our projects adhere to a wide range of state regulations and procedures, ensuring compliance and high-quality outcomes.”

-Matt Turk, P.E., Director of Transportation Services

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