Education / Institutions / Campuses

Making the most out of educational sites is essential in helping our clients deliver of their promise of a quality educational experience.

All educational organizations share one important priority: Efficiency. All physical facilities must perform as expected and reliably to support operational continuity. With a wide variety of use that includes school directed activities as well as arranged use by park district and sports clubs, asset lifecycle must be maximized while keeping costs in check. GHA services that contribute to achieving project goals commonly include:

  • capital improvement planning
  • site design and utility improvements for efficient essential services
  • roadway and parking improvements for access, circulation, and capacity
  • stormwater management and other water resources engineering
  • sports facility design for a wide variety of court and turf based sports
  • survey and construction observation services
    School districts in the public sector all face a significant challenge in providing “the right” physical sites for their schools. This means scholastic, athletic, and all functional assets on school sites need to be updated regularly. GHA has provided guidance to over 40 school district clients that contributes value by helping make the most of project funding that is often difficult to get and less than “enough.” Our relationships with school districts commonly spans decades, clearly indicating GHA understands the school district world.

    Colleges and universities have the additional need to provide faculty and student residence infrastructure, as well as enhanced athletic facility capabilities. GHA has served higher education for many years, with a sharp eye on scalability. Most higher education campuses share common facilities but at very different scales. Through our experience, GHA has acquired a reliable ability to bring efficiencies whether the project is a small improvement at a small campus or a nearly 900-car parking project with stormwater management at a Big 10 university.

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    Brian Wesolowski, P.E., CFM
    Director of Site Design

    Parks & Recreation

    Enjoying the natural beauty of your community rests on being able to get there, move within it, and play there safely and reliably.

    Most everyone knows that park districts provide playgrounds, sports fields, exercise facilities, and much more that enables a healthy lifestyle for the community. Their continued success depends on adopting new ideas and offering fresh, clean options for recreation. GHA has been deeply embedded in the park district community for decades, providing site design and infrastructure for new parks, repurposed spaces, and guidance through the often-complex world of grant acquisition for more than 35 park districts.

    GHA has provided engineering services for Forest Preserve districts around the Chicago are with regularity. A key component of forest preserve operations is roadway and parking. These assets need regular replacement and commonly, redesign when site layouts are improved. GHA provides an experienced hand in these projects with emphasis on minimizing disturbance beyond the site improvements.

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    Brian Wesolowski, P.E., CFM
    Director of Site Design Services


    Governmental agencies must perform a balancing act with funds from public sources and distribution from other public agencies while creating, maintaining or replacing these important services.

    GHA has been serving governmental clients since day one. Public infrastructure is the backbone of society and plays a crucial part in the built environment. GHA’s essence is centered on the experience gained over 40 years serving governmental clients where the foremost priorities are at the core of civil engineering: investigating, designing, and constructing projects with maximum cost efficiency while accomplishing all the goals of the project for the agency. The use of public funds commands a high respect for transparent, fully documented actions.

    GHA serves many municipal clients, always focusing on guiding projects from studies and planning through the design process and to completed construction. Cities and Villages bear a heavy responsibility to deliver the best possible outcome of infrastructure improvements on limited budgets to their municipal constituents. GHA helps maximize the effectiveness and longevity of these improvements with four decades of experience and insights.

    GHA also serves many township clients that bear responsibility for infrastructure including unincorporated areas. GHA guides township projects with emphasis on coordinating with multiple participating municipal and county agencies.

    We also serve numerous County-level clients that have the additional responsibility of providing the structure of projects that may impact multiple municipalities, as well as infrastructure assets that serve whole networks of communities across the county.

    State-level agencies such as the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Illinois EPA are key hubs of general public safety when it comes to delivery of essential infrastructure services. GHA often either serves directly or in compliance with a wide range of regulations, guidelines, and procedures set in place to guarantee standards are met.

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    Leo Morand, P.E.
    Director of Municipal Services