Municipal Engineering: Beyond Infrastructure and Into Communities


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In the diverse field of engineering, few roles encapsulate the profound responsibility of serving an entire community quite like the municipal engineer. These often overlooked experts of our towns and cities exemplify steadfast dedication. They provide solutions that subtly integrate into our daily lives and ensure the vitality of our communities.

One might think that municipal engineering works purely around roads and utilities, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. As Geoffrey Perry, P.E. remarks, “We’re more than municipal engineers; we’re trusted advisors.” Their work requires talking with residents, explaining the reasons behind preventative measures, and ensuring the community understands the value of the infrastructure around them.

Proactive Interactions

A major component of their work involves proactive interaction with residents. Leo Morand, P.E. emphasizes the importance of clear communication, making complex engineering topics understandable and accessible to those in the community. “We act as a bridge between the intricacies of engineering and the community. This ensures the citizens understand the logic behind preventive measures,” he notes, emphasizing the integrity and dedication that form the foundation of his profession.

Particularly significant for municipal engineers is their focus on flooding and drainage. Addressing these concerns underscores the complex and essential role of a municipal engineer. Many municipalities, especially older ones, were not designed with adequate stormwater storage. This turns the task of preventing flooding and preserving the environment into a compelling and rewarding challenge.


picture of Carissa Smith, P.E.
Carissa Smith, P.E.

Aided by comprehensive local legislation, such as County Watershed Management Ordinances, municipal engineers direct their passion and expertise toward shaping future-ready municipal landscapes. Carissa Smith, P.E. explains, “We’re not just shaping roads and buildings; we’re crafting the future of our communities, diligently safeguarding them from the uncertainties of nature.”



Picture of Dan Strahan, P.E.
Dan Strahan, P.E.

Dan Strahan, P.E., a GHA engineer with expertise in stormwater management, echoes this sentiment. “Every stormwater project is a puzzle waiting to be solved,” he says, drawing from his rich experience. Strahan brings up the Burr Oak project, a testament to the power of innovative problem-solving in municipal engineering. The pivotal decision to relocate the storm trap not only resolved the immediate issue but also led to lasting improvements in the area.


Proactive Problem Solving

This attention to detail and commitment to proactive problem-solving is beautifully illustrated by the experience of another GHA engineer, Darren Monico, P.E. A particular incident he recalls truly exemplifies the community-centric approach of municipal engineering. A resident noticed consistent night flights from a nearby local airport. This nighttime air traffic was an unexpected change in their otherwise quiet suburban life.

Monico, exemplifying the role of a ‘trusted advisor,’ investigated further. Upon researching, he found that the frequent late-night flights played a crucial role in delivering essential medical supplies. Monico’s investigation and subsequent explanation offered insightful context to the resident. This fostered a better understanding of the situation and connected the unusual activity with a profoundly beneficial cause.

Municipal engineering is not just a profession – it’s a commitment to progress, a pledge to the community, and a testament to the profound impact that passionate and dedicated engineers can have on our everyday lives. “Every engineering project is a dialogue with the community,” Peter Lind, P.E. observes. “It’s about understanding needs, setting priorities, and developing long-term partnerships.” As we look ahead, we find comfort in the knowledge that our towns and cities are in the capable hands of these dedicated professionals, ever ready to shape a future where our communities continue to thrive.