1) Have general feedback?

Your questions, comments and suggestions are important. Please take a moment and let us know what you think about your MS4’s Storm Water Management Program.

2) Notice an erosion control issue?

Post-construction erosion and sediment control on construction sites is crucial to preventing sediment release to the storm sewer. If you notice a site where erosion controls are not being properly maintained, or see sediment runoff into the storm sewer, please leave a report below.

3) Want to report an illicit discharge?

If you would like to report a potential illicit discharge into your storm water system, please submit your information below. An illicit discharge could include oil, vehicle fluids, soaps/detergents, paint, leaking dumpsters, sediment, concrete, or anything entering a storm drain that could pollute the waterway. All submissions will be kept strictly confidential.

If you would like a response, be sure to include your name, address, phone number or email address.