Insights and Collaborations from the MOVITE Meeting


Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc. (GHA) recently participated in the annual fall meeting hosted by the Missouri Valley Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (MOVITE). The MOVITE meeting, a key event for transportation and traffic data collection professionals, offered a platform for knowledge sharing, exploring innovative technologies, and developing collaborative strategies.

The MOVITE meeting is recognized for facilitating discussions, strategizing, and shaping the future trajectory of data-informed transportation initiatives. For GHA’s Traffic Data Collection Division, the event provided an opportunity to explore emerging trends and connect with industry experts.

Bill Klewin, Director of Traffic Data Collection Services at GHA, reflected on the experience, saying, “The MOVITE meeting highlighted key developments in transportation engineering and traffic data collection, revealing new challenges and opportunities. Engaging with peers ensures our data collection strategies and solutions remain cutting edge and forward-thinking.”

A focal point for our team was understanding the advancements and research in data collection and analysis, as well as the broader scope of transportation solutions. Bill’s takeaway from the conference highlighted this perfectly: “Transportation isn’t always just about vehicles and traffic signals but moving people. My experience in Bentonville showed how much they have improved their bicycling and pedestrian corridors over the past decade or so.” These insights deepen our understanding of current industry potential, enhancing our service delivery and ensuring our strategies are based on the most recent and relevant information.

The event fostered dialogues with industry peers and leaders, enabling GHA to explore innovative avenues in transportation engineering solutions. Zachary Hubb, a Field Technician in GHA’s Data Collection Division, emphasized the importance of such interactions, noting, “The MOVITE meeting offered valuable insights and opportunities for partnership development in transportation data collection and analysis. But my favorite part? A spirited mountain biking event, blending professional exchanges with a dash of adventure.”

Participation in events like the MOVITE meeting is crucial for maintaining GHA’s active role in shaping the future of traffic data collection. It enables us to enhance our expertise, refine our skills, and devise solutions that are not only dependable but also anticipate future industry needs.